Our Team

At Shelter 7 we take great pride in our work and our ability to work together. The successful collaboration of our talented designers, carpenters, subcontractors and support staff results in the exceptional quality of our projects. Sensitivity to scale, sense of place, simplicity of form and attention to detail characterize our aesthetic. The Shelter 7 team designs and builds well-crafted homes that enrich our clients’ lives.

Jason Olbres


Jason has been involved with design and building most of his life.  From an early age he became acquainted with these trades as he explored the drafting tables and woodshop of his family's business, InterEx, which specialized in the design and fabrication of tradeshow exhibits. Jason grew up in New Hampshire and Maine and enjoyed studying art, photography, and music while attending Governor Dummer Academy, and architecture while at Bowdoin College and The Boston Architectural College before he eventually founded Shelter 7. Jason and his wife, Nichole, travel widely, and their design aesthetic is often influenced by the built environment and local inflections they see on these trips.

Nichole Marks


Nichole first developed her sense of design and craftsmanship while growing up as the daughter of an ivory carver on Nantucket. After attending The Berkshire School and William Smith College, Nichole began her career creating a retail brand in Nantucket and California. Drawing many correlations to architecture, Nichole realized the importance of quality of construction and the subtle balance of design as it relates to form and function. At Shelter 7 Nichole enjoys experimenting with finishes, colors, and materials, as well as concentrating on details that enhance the built environment. Nichole is an outdoor enthusiast, and when she’s not traveling with her husband Jason she can be found training for a marathon and practicing yoga.

Cameron Marks
General Manager

Cameron worked for one of the top builders on Nantucket during his teens and early twenties, paying his way through school and establishing his strong work ethic. After graduating from Nantucket High School and The Lawrenceville School, Cameron continued his studies at Union College where he bought and renovated two 1890’s Victorian houses to be used as student residences. While renovating he learned the importance of project management and the intricacies of working on historic structures. Cameron loves to travel and can be found surfing waves around the world, or at home on the shores of Cisco Beach.

Matthew Hill

Caretaker and Construction Manager

Matt grew up on the Island, and as the son of a longtime Nantucket contractor he has been immersed in the building industry for most of his life. After graduating from Nantucket High School he attended the Johnson and Wales College for Culinary Art. Matt spent his early years teaching surfing and cooking, and later found his way back to the building trade. Matt heads Shelter 7’s caretaking division and is in charge of construction operations and management. Matt is an avid cook and talented surfer. Away from work you will most likely find him out on the waves with his bride-to-be, Leah.